I’ve never been good at budgeting. Never been much of a saver either.

I didn’t have to be.

But with the end of my marriage, I needed to smarten up and get my finances together. 

I mean, I was busy managing the house and the kids. Managing the finances wasn’t my responsibility.

After the split, I had 3 little mouths to feed, and I had to get a job that wasn’t even paying nearly enough to cover all of my bills in the same month.

Making matters worse, I hated that damn job. Walking into the building felt like I had a hand wrapped around my throat. 

In addition, I really do like nice things which can make saving money difficult. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a mad spender. But I do like good food. And I have a terrible a weakness for shoes. 

I knew that I needed to start saving money, but at that time I wasn’t in any position to do that.

Before my relationship ended, I knew absolutely nothing about how mortgages worked. Nothing about financing a car, very little about paying the bills and credit cards. 

But that all changed very quickly.

I started Bending the Budget because like I said earlier, I’ve never been much of a saver. But in the 3 years following my divorce, I not only learned to manage my finances, I also managed to save just over $50k, by finding ways to make more money, creating a budget and sticking to it. 

I told you that my job wasn’t paying enough to cover my bills, and there’s only one solution to that dilemma; make more money.

The only way to start saving when you’re already not making ends meet, is to make more money. Period.

That’s where Bending the Budget comes in.

This blog exists to help you make the extra money you need to get that saving plan under way.

I watch for sales with just about everything. I buy multiples when things that I love and/or use often go on sale (yes, including shoes).

I like to call it “Bending the Budget”. 

I hope what you find here is useful to you. Let’s get to making more money!